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Which TV is best for wall mounting?

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When you’re asking yourself this question, it’s important to think about what you’re using the TV for, the dimensions and space that you have in your room and your budget. With new technology coming out for TV’s pretty much every year, the price of them continues to rise, so before thinking about putting the TV up on your wall, you should consider how good of a TV you really need, how much you use it and if it’s big enough for your room. Pretty much every Television is able to get mounted on to a wall, but you need to consider which one will be best for your lifestyle also. Wall mounting is a simple process but not one that should be done by yourself. Not using the proper bracket, which is too small, doesn’t quite fit the weight of the TV and isn’t quite drilled into the wall enough can cause a number of damages. You could also not attach the TV to the bracket right, all of these problems could lead to your TV falling off the wall and becoming damaged, damage to the wall itself including multiple drilling holes because you haven’t got it quite lined up to chunks of the wall coming out because you haven’t used a bracket to support the weight of the TV. For all of these reasons, you should hire a professional for TV wall mounting, click here for these services.


Depending on your budget is the most important factor to discuss, this plays a part in the size of TV as well of course, but the different makes of TV usually mean a different price. If you’re looking for a cheaper TV a brand such as Phillips, HiSense or even LG can be considered, if you’re wanting a TV with 4K, these brands will still do, and with good motion up to 120 HZ for a reasonable price. A higher-end TV looks at Sony and Samsung more. If you’re getting a wall mounting especially because you’re a big gamer and particularly with PlayStation, then a Sony TV is without a doubt your best bet. Due to PlayStation being a Sony console, the TV and console will be compatible with each other and give the best picture and gaming experience possible, however, other TV’s such as a HiSense or LG will work at a pretty good rate and give you an amazing picture also, with the new PS5 being capable of playing games at 4K.


This brings us to our next factor for which tv is best for wall mounting, and that is what you’ll be using the TV for. If you’re using it for a new generation gaming console such as a PS5 or Xbox X series, then you’re best getting a TV capable of outputting 4K, whereas if you’re just using it for Netflix at night then sure a 4K TV will give you a great picture but it might not really be needed, especially if you’d rather keep the budget down a bit. If you’re someone who loves TV and will use it a lot for both purposes, then it is worthwhile getting a good TV for the best cinematic experience.


The last point to consider is the size of your room and the size of the television for the wall mounting. If you have quite a big room, then a bigger sized TV will probably fit better in this scenario it will look good with the rest of your room being in cohesion with the rest of the room. If you have a big room and a small TV, it may appear even smaller in the big room, but also a small room with a big TV can look good and really enhance it, making the TV look bigger than normal. This really depends on your preference and what you think will be suited in your room with all 3 factors playing a role together. A good in-between would be around a 40-45 inch TV with 4K as a middle ground for each point.

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