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“Best Company I have had in my house. Great pictures, Great price, quick job”.

– Mrs Swanson

“Had some extra TV points fitted before the xmas break, ready for the new TV’s we’re getting the kids for Xmas. Brilliant!”

– Mr King

Smart TV Setup

Take the “Smart” approach, and contact Paul Davies for Smart TV Setup today for free advice and quotations to help ensure you are getting the most from your Smart Television. Many households do not realise the full potential of the Smart TVs as they never bother to fully set them up, well a quick visit from our engineer could leave you speechless, with 50% more features than you had before from the same Smart TV.

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Benefits of Smart TV Setup

There are several types of televisions. The Smart TV is a type of television that has been enhanced with various features and capabilities that enable users to connect to the internet, stream content, and do other things. Smart TVs can be used to access favourite websites and apps, control all aspects of your entertainment experience with voice commands and remote controls, and much more. So, if you want a television that can do everything, a smart TV is the way to go! However, if you’ve not got much experience with technology, the setup can be difficult. That’s why Paul Davies engineers are experts in Smart TV Setup, so even those without the skills to set up can still enjoy the benefits. 

Smart TV Setup and Other Services

Whilst we specialise in Smart TV Setup we get asked to help out with so many different Smart TV-related things, here are a few of the most recent questions we’ve been asked:

  • How to connect my Samsung Smart TV to the internet?
  • How to use smart TV?
  • How to connect my Smart TV to my WiFi?
  • How do I browse the internet on my Smart TV?
  • LG Smart TV Setup menu
  • How do I install apps on my Smart TV?
  • How to get now TV on my smart TV?
  • How to download Disney+ on my smart TV?
  • How to connect my phone to smart TV?
  • Why is Netflix not working on my smart TV?
  • …and many more Smart TV-related questions.

I have a Chromecast/Amazon Fire Stick/Apple TV – Can Paul Davies Still Help?

The short answer is yes! Our team are experts in device connectivity and are knowledgeable about the full range of smart devices.

Give us a call on 0800 182 2088.

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