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Amazingly, if you are looking for trusted tv aerial fitters, you can depend on with a lifetime of devotion to the industry and a vast amount of knowledge and expertise, look n further. Necessarily, Paul Davies and his experts are on stand by to help you today. Additionally, we are the best option for your Aerial and Satellite installation. Further, we have bee working throughout Wigan for decades, providing excellent service. Moreover, our skilled engineers and customer care has created a very positive image for us in the community area.

Further, every single job carried out by us is done by a trained and qualified technician. Also, we deliver for you a variety of tv aerials, wideband aerials installed for multiroom systems. Therefore, whatever room you would like you can have TV’s with Freesat and sky installation.

Further, as we believe in local community services, we only hire local fitters to ensure we can be with you within an hour of your call. Importantly, our engineers are always in the vicinity and available to help. Paul Davies TV Installer Wigan is experts in digital aerial installation and Repairs. Further, our digital aerial engineers provide specialist assistance to firms and people in the Wigan area.

Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Wigan Services

Mainly, everything associated with tv aerial installation, satellite installations and home entertainment we can help you. Therefore call us today for any guidance or queries on the services we recommend. Above all, we can 100% of the time assist you free of charge on the phone. Hence, providing information or presenting free call-out and a free health check on your digital TV and areal.

Additionally, Paul Davies TV Aerial Installer Wigan will set up your set-top box and link it to the Fibre-Optic IRS. Also, we work on all types of building and can work at heights. Therefore we are the best local company for your digital aerial installation, satellite installations as well as upgrades and repairs.

 Multi-room TV Aerial Installation Wigan – Repair

Importantly, have you felt bored with the same old-fashioned Freeview channel list?  Maybe you’d like more channels on your TV? Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Wigan can connect a multipoint TV network into your house, permitting you to watch digital TV channels on Freeview, Freesat, BT Vision or Sky on any TV in your house.

Additionally, with the usage of a “magic eye,” you can have a Sky installation in one room. Yet be able to watch and control it in the other by using, if this would suit you. Therefore you can independently watch Sky channels and your favourite Freeview channels.

Business TV Aerial Installations Wigan

Paul Davies TV aerial installation team are trained to work at heights. Importantly, we’re responsive, quick and experienced at connecting aerials and industrial IRS systems for hotels, apartment blocks and flats. Therefore you can watch TV, Wigan, wherever you are based.

Also, our extensive knowledge in assisting both the construction industry as well as many private sectors companies, means you will get top quality services.

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Wigan History

First, in the 1st century, the area was conquered by the Romans.[7] The late 2nd-century Antonine Itinerary mentions a Roman settlement called Coccium 17 miles (27 km) from the Roman fort at Manchester (Mamucium) and 20 miles (32 km) from the fort at Ribchester (Bremetennacum). Although the distances are slightly out, it has been assumed that Coccium is Roman Wigan. Further, possible derivations of Coccium include from the Latin coccus, meaning “scarlet in colour, scarlet cloth”, or from cocus, meaning “cook”. Also, over the years, chance finds (coins and pottery) provided clear indications that a Roman settlement existed at Wigan, although its size and status remained unknown. Moreover, in 2005 investigations ahead of the Grand Arcade development, and 2008 at the Joint Service Centre development, have proven that Wigan was an important Roman site in the late first and second centuries AD.

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