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Is bad signal getting in between you and your favourite programmes? Is poor reception preventing you enjoying watching TV? Well Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Sacrborbough is the answer to all your problems. We can truly help in every situation you may find yourself, be that a new installation or repair, there is no work we cannot undertake. If you are still unsure whether we can help, then give us a call today and we will strive to assist you in any manner we can.

We offer a range or installation possibilities

We offer TV aerial installation and more in Scarborough. We install aerials a wide assortment of aerials, ranging budget friendly aerials, to state-of-the-art aerials that cannot be found elsewhere. We also are capable of installing aerials wherever you wish to have it, be that for functional reasons such as interference from surrounding houses and trees, or for aesthetic reasons. The most common place for an aerial to be installed is either on a chimney or the wall of the house, as this provides the optimum environment for stability of the installation, however, as already mentioned, we are flexible and will work with you to ensure you are happy with the work that is carried out. 

Another possible option, in regard to placement of the installation, is installation atop a mast or pole. This is usually done to elevate the installed aerial or satellite higher up and above any environmental interference. Sometimes however, the aerial or satellite is installed atop a mast for reasons other than that of signal, for example, in situations where the aerial or satellite is to be installed away from a building or house, or in situations where criminal damage by a third party is feared by the customer and the mast or pole is used to further elevate the aerial or satellite out of reach. 

After purchase support

We want to make every customer feel valued and important, which is why customer service is so crucially important to us. Exceptionally important to us, is long term customer support after we have carried out work. To ensure you are left feeling satisfied with your picture for a long time, all our work is guaranteed for a minimum of one year, but this can range up to a decade and even longer in some cases. Furthermore, our office is open seven days a week to take any and all calls from customers regarding questions or queries. 

We are dependable and experienced

We have been serving Scarborough for countless years and in that time, we have carried out every job imaginable, from the smallest of jobs to the most herculean tasks. We have assisted every customer imaginable as well, from domestic customers, to commercial properties and small businesses. Scarborough is our pride and joy, as we are sure it is yours, consequently, we cover all of Scarborough and its surrounding area, be that rural or urban areas. If you are in doubt whether we can help, then give us a call on 01723 331 538 or use our online booking form and find out.

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