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“Best Company I have had in my house. Great pictures, Great price, quick job”.

– Mrs Swanson

“Had some extra TV points fitted before the xmas break, ready for the new TV’s we’re getting the kids for Xmas. Brilliant!”

– Mr King

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Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Llanelli

Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation LlanelliCall us today on 01554 705 504

At Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Llanelli, we believe in the importance of a competent, strong TV signal. After all, nothing ruins your viewing experience faster than always having to contend with pixilation or signal breakage. However, we are here to help anyone who is currently dealing with a sub-par picture; we have a range of services tailor-made for a range of situations and clients. Further, Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Llanelli carry out full system installations, so if you move into a new property and find it has no TV signal infrastructure already there, then we can work with you and get you access to the channels you desire.

Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Llanelli range of aerials

Mainly, we specialise in the installation of aerials. As a result, Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Llanelli can supply and install many different types of aerials, of all major makes and models currently available on the market. This includes:

  • Yagi TV Aerials; The most commonly seen type of aerial throughout Britain. Secure and reliable, Yagi TV aerials are always the right choice. The archetypal style of aerial.
  • Log Periodic Aerial; Another steadfast choice when it comes to aerials, very similar to Yagi TV aerials but log aerials have gotten more popular since the switch to digital.
  • High Gain Aerial; These are aerials that can also amplify the signal they receive, making them perfect for remote and rural applications, or areas that are prone to interference and adverse conditions.
  • Full Band Aerials; This type of aerial can receive a signal from a range of frequencies and wavelength, making this aerial perfect for people who wish to receive channels from more than one transmitter or who live in between two transmitters.
  • Loft Aerials; Sometimes, it is simply not possible to install an aerial on the outside of a house, whether it is for practical reasons such as constant poor weather and risk of damage, or aesthetic reasons such as having a listed house that doesn’t permit you installing an aerial on the outside of it or you simply don’t like the way an aerial looks. This is why loft aerials are an excellent choice for many people. Loft aerials can be safely hidden away from view, all the while still providing a reliable and robust signal.

Additionally, as you can see, our range of aerials is pervasive and all-encompassing. There is no type of aerial that we don’t install. Further, we are the best TV aerial installer in Llanelli, and we are here to help. Give us a call on 01554 705 504.


Mainly, Llanelli is a place we are proud to call home, is the largest town in Carmarthenshire county, it is unsurprising that Llanelli has a varied and fascinating history that spans from rugby to tin plate production. Further, we are genuinely local to Llanelli and you, which gives us the added benefit of having much experience in servicing Llanelli itself. Therefore, TV Aerial Installation Llanelli we know what the most likely signal problems that Llanelli residents tend to face are and how to best deal with them and get you a perfect signal back. All our engineers are local as well, and they all come from the greater Llanelli community themselves.

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