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Although the increase in popularity of on-demand services, regular terrestrial or live TV remains hugely popular, with many people still depending on it as their primary source of entertainment. Further, Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Glenrothes is a dedicated and reliable TV aerial installer. However, we are not limited to that; we also install satellites, wall mount televisions and soundbars, as well as fix signal issues and pixilation. An increasingly popular service we offer is multimedia setups, as well as multi-room setups.

The benefits of a multi-room setup

Of course, it comes without saying that multiroom setups are efficient and offer many advantages, such as allowing greater viewing flexibility as well as ease. Also, contrary to popular belief, multi-room setups can be installed in any household, especially when you consider how highly trained and skilled our engineers are. In many situations, all that is required for multi-room setup is a splitter box and associated cabling. However, in places of low signal or high interference, measures may need to be taken to improve your signal strength. Therefore, this takes the form of either a more robust aerial or satellite, a booster box, or a masthead amplifier. In extreme cases, a second aerial or satellite may be required.

Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Glenrothes- expert wall mounting service

It is undeniable that wall mounting a TV increases comfort, viewing pleasure and practicality, which is why we offer an extensive and comprehensive TV wall mounting service. Further, we can supply and install a variety of brackets, ranging from brackets for TVs as small as 10 inches, to those for TVs as large as 85 inches and beyond, no TV is excluded from our wall mounting service.  Further, we can also use and install brackets you already own, as long as they are suitable for the TV to be wall-mounted and will not pose a safety risk. Apart from standard stationary brackets, we also supply and fit a range of specialist brackets, such as those capable of tilting or rotating on all axes. Further, Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Glenrothes also offer telescoping wall brackets as well brackets designed for unique locations such as a corner or other such tight spots.

Furthermore, to complement our TV wall mounting service, we can also carry out cable management solutions, such as wholly hidden cables or cable trunking. Additionally, proper cable management is essential, because not only can it ensure that cables are more secure and out of reach for either young children or pets, but it also makes the whole television set up look more aesthetically pleasing.

Paul Davies TV Aerial Installation Glenrothes- Loyal to Glenrothes

Mainly, we started our journey in Glenrothes many years ago and have since developed and improved a great deal, picking up a vast amount of experience. Additional know-how, this means that we are uniquely equipped to deal with all the common local TV signal issues and challenges. As a local Glenrothes based company, we know first-hand just how right our local channels and programmes can be. Not only are we local, but so are our engineers, who are all members of the Glenrothes community as well. All our engineers are expertly trained, have a great deal of experience and are meticulously screened, and background checked before being employed.

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