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First, if you require a TV Aerial Installation in or around the Peterborough, then Paul Davies TV Installation Peterborough is the company for you. We are the market-leading company in the aerial and satellite industry and have over 12 years of trade behind us.

Further, installations by Paul Davies are fully guaranteed against faulty parts & craftmanship. In saying this, our aerials will give long-lasting service before it needs to be replaced.

Moreover, we specialise in Aerial installation and repair. Therefore, If your digital TV picture is breaking up, freezing or wholly gone, Paul Davies TV installer Peterborough can help.

TV Aerial Installation services

First, Paul Davies TV Installer Peterborough provides a wide range of services including;

  • Retuning
  • Cable replacement
  • Extra aerial points
  • Remounting aerials and dishes
  • Relocation of dishes
  • Dish and aerial repairs
  • TV setups as well as new aerial installation
  • Foreign Satellite installation
  • Smart tv and fire stick setups
  • Local experienced engineers
  • Multiroom Installations
  • Same-day installations
  • Freesat & Sky HD set up and installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • No obligation quote on-site
  • Best prices in Peterborough


Sky & FreeSat Dish Installation

If you are not satisfied with the number of programmes on your TV, you may have chosen to purchase satellite TV for your home. In this case, Paul Davies TV Installation Peterborough is ready to fit and install it for you.

Further, our skilled installers have years of experience fitting SKY and Freesat Dishes quickly and to perfection. Secondly, I will always recommend the best Dish for your location and situation.


First, at Paul Davies TV Installation Peterborough, we can repair and replace existing SKY and Freesat installations. Replacing rusted Dishes, leaking cables, damaged parts, etc. are all part of the service our Sky & Freesat dish repair engineers can assist you with.

Areas Covered by Paul Davies TV Installation Peterborough

Mainly, we cover Alwalton, Barnack, Barnwell, Castor, Chesterton, Coates, Crowland, Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas, Deeping St Nicholas, Elton, Fotheringhay, Glatton, Glinton, Helpston, Holme, Kings Cliffe, Longthorpe, Luddington-in-the-Brook, Maxey, Nassington, Newborough, Northborough, Orton Longueville, Orton Waterville, Peakirk, Polebrook, Sawtry, Stamford, Stanground, Stibbington & Wansford, Stilton, Sutton, Tansor, The Giddings, Thorney, Thornhaugh, Uffington, Warmington, Water Newton, Werrington, Wittering, Yaxley.

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Further, we look forward to getting you back to loving your tv signal again, call us today on 01908 768 007.

Early History of Peterborough

Present-day Peterborough is the latest in a series of settlements which have at one time or other benefited from its site where the Nene leaves large areas of permanently drained land for the fens. Remains of Bronze Age settlement and what is thought to be religious activity can be seen at the Flag Fen archaeological site to the east of the city centre. The Romans established a fortified garrison town at Durobrivae on Ermine Street, five miles to the west in Water Newton, around the middle of the 1st century AD. Durobrivae’s earliest appearance among surviving records is in the Antonine Itinerary of the late 2nd century. There was also a massive 1st-century Roman fort at Longthorpe, designed to house half a legion or about 3,000 soldiers; it may have been established as early as around AD 44–48. Peterborough was an essential area of ceramic production in the Roman period, providing Nene Valley Ware that was traded as far away as Cornwall and the Antonine Wall, Caledonia.

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